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You were probably told to never judge a book by its cover, but it’s the 21st century and society is more image conscious than ever before. No area of life has been left untouched by these appearance appraisals, the packaging industry in particular.

Increasingly, over the last number of years, the most astute companies have realised the power and potential of packaging to position, transform and elevate their product. Rather than a hastily considered afterthought, packaging is used strategically with the business’s marketing model. It is a tactical investment as opposed to an unnecessary expense.

Packaging is more than just a box. It’s the entire presentation of a brand, encompassing all printed media from signage and brochures, to business cards and carrier bags. It should take your brand identity to a new level, whilst remaining true to the company’s mission and vision. Whether your company sells a product or a service, its presentation is of vital importance. Want to know more? Here are the key points to creating effective packaging, from the experts at 2020 Brand + Marketing Visionaries.

  1. Attention to Detail

Packaging design should be a perfect fusion of your brand elements including your logo and positioning statement with secondary graphics, such as pattern and colour schemes variations. The combination of these components, when executed with expertise, will create a lasting impression. Everything from the paper weight of a business card to the texture of tissue paper lining is deliberate, as even one ill-considered form can ruin the whole effect.

Ladurée make macaroons. The Ladurée brand encompasses Parisian elegance, opulence and history, but is kept fresh and modern with bright and fresh colours. Zesty greens, dusty pinks, crisp silver foils and luxurious texture combine to impressively exhibit their pastel macaroon gems.

Creative Design Packaging

Let’s not forget that macaroons are perishable goods with a short lifespan. Yet, when you see them so lovingly placed within layers of delicate crepe paper, perfect in their pristine, chic box (arguably more suited to jewellery than food) the product is given a new importance, transcending far above the ‘foodstuffs’ bracket.

  1. Precision and Consideration

The joy of opening a package may not be quite as thrilling as it was with Santa on Christmas morning. Yet, there remains something wonderfully ceremonious in unravelling beautiful packaging to expose the treasure within.

The packaging of Apple products perfectly encapsulates the brand’s philosophy. Immaculately designed to perfectly exhibit the device, where every millimetre of space has been considered so each perfectly presented piece slots into its nook like a jigsaw piece. There is no fuss, just minimal simplicity and space, void of garish slogans or gimmicky tech specs. All attention is focused on the product itself, elevating its importance and adding to its worth.

Creative Design Packaging

If you doubt the power of packaging, ask yourself, would this pristine plinth have the same effect in Styrofoam and bubble wrap?

  1. Authentic and Appropriate

Effective packaging doesn’t have to be lavish to be effective, but it equally shouldn’t be scrimped upon. It simply has to be in keeping with the brand, adding authenticity and reinforcing the brand’s ideals as a whole. For instance, a simple paper brown bag with a stamped logo would be highly appropriate for a bakery producing fresh rustic breads, but it would be baffling to see high-end jewellery packaged the same way!

Eco-friendliness and packaging don’t necessarily go hand-in-hand, but some companies have really pushed to create sustainable packaging solutions, finding a perfect balance between design and ethics. These options are wonderfully appropriate and on-brand for some companies. Compostable coffee cups printed with natural inks reflect the ideals of a fair-trade café. Recycled cardboard supports are a highly functional solution for energy efficient light bulbs.

Creative Design Packaging

Though eco‐friendliness in its essence and aesthetic is especially appropriate for these type of companies, sustainable packaging options aren’t just confined to here. Most packaging companies now offer eco-friendly options so it’s easy for everyone to take responsibility for their carbon footprint.

  1. Innovative and Evocative

Your eyes can skim over hundreds of products whilst browsing in a shop. Companies must compete harder than ever for custom in a saturated market. Newcomers have to fight to persuade people to try something new, where established brands must strive to remain relevant.

A striking and attractive design will certainly compete to catch the eye of the discerning shopper, but prompting an emotive response provides even more traction. Creativity, innovation and humour in packaging can be the differentiator between selection or shelf.

Everything we design at 2020 Brand + Marketing Visionaries stems from a meticulous in-depth exploration and analysis of each and every company with whom we work. We know that style over substance isn’t lasting, and strive in our development of true, meaningful brands, which will stand out and captivate the market.

The ability to create a smile, arouse curiosity, or make someone think is of infinitely more value than being aesthetically pleasing alone. With branding design and packaging comes the power to influence and impact. Here are some of our favourite examples of impactful and thought-provoking packaging.

Creative Design Packaging

At 2020 Brand + Marketing Visionaries we are conscious of our social responsibility and want to use our skills to benefit those who need it most. We have recently started a project helping Milford Care Centre in Limerick, so watch this space!

To Package it Up…

Huge resources are spent getting a product or service ready for the market. Don’t fall at the last hurdle, underselling yourself with ill-considered packaging. This might be the most defining investment your business will make.

Moral of the story? Present your product or service with pride. Luckily, 2020 Brand + Marketing Visionaries are experts on this matter, so have a look at some of our past work within our case studies and give us a call if you’re ready to think outside the box.


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