There’s One Green bottle sitting on the wall

Apr 15, 2017

Recently, 2020 were contacted by Morrison’s to help them create a brand and positioning that was aligned with their business strategy and differentiated them from the competition. Though our process of research and insight gathering, we found one green bottle that influenced the entire development of the brand.

Dating before 1896, Morrison’s is a landmark with a proud history and family tradition and it was Jane Morrison who was documented as the license owner in 1906 – ‘the first Morrison’ as such. For over a century, Morrison’s has built a family business serving great food where some of the customer feedback had even referred to the establishment as being ‘homely’.

We believed that there was a great opportunity to leverage the story behind the name. To move forward, we had to look back, during an era when Ireland won its Independence. Discovering an embellishment on an old green Guinness bottle that had pre-dated 1928 (probably between 1922 – 1928), it had an S/E marking which refers to ‘Saorstát Eireann’ or the ‘Irish Free State’, referencing the foundation of the Irish Free State in 1922. In addition to this, we found Jane Morrison’s name on the label as the licensee.

Using this font style, which was also used in the first coinage of the Irish Free State, and adding ‘JM’ (Jane Morrison’s) monogram reinforces the personal ‘signature’ of authenticity.

Bringing the brand to life throughout the building was tasked with expert interior architects from Tess Stanford Interior Architects, who set out to create a destination bar & kitchen experience and pay homage to the history and story of the Morrison’s brand. If you’ve ever in Morrison’s, check out the green Guinness bottle, sitting proudly inside the bar, encased within the wall.

“What an amazing company. Couldn’t recommend 2020 Brand Consultants enough.The best thing we ever did!” 

Saundra Morrison, Morrisons Bar & Kitchen


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