Bobby Byrne’s

As a well-established business in Limerick, Bobby Byrne’s name and brand was traditionally recognised and renowned as a pub more than anything else. 2020 Brand + Marketing Visionaries was tasked with repositioning Bobby’s as not just being a ‘pub’.

Having successfully introduced food in recent years, which had become a core focus for the business, the proprietors wanted to leverage the food angle to drive more business through their doors. By building on an already established excellent reputation for quality food and, in addition to having a food corner store and a catering arm to their business, it made perfect sense to develop a strategy using food as a core message for continued growth. We developed a new positioning statement ‘Limerick’s friendliest foodie corner’ and leveraged the new brand identity from the Byrne’s family crest and what it represented to the community and customer alike. We also developed a full marketing strategy, identifying the best channels to leverage the brand, the target markets Bobby’s needed to focus on and what to communicate to those markets to maximise ROI.

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What the client says

2020 did great work rebranding our 50 year old family business . They focused us on where we wanted to go with the business and helped us define our brand and take us to the next level. Our sales continue to grow and we have 2020 to thank for this. Robert Byrne, Director

2020 Brand Consultants